Rena  Zlodef Slnecnic
                            7/ 05 / 2000 -  2 / 24 / 2010

There is once in a while when a dog comes into your life that bonds so strongly with his/ her owner. Rena came to us about 1 1/2 years ago not sure what was happening and whether or not we were good people and whether she would like it here. She came here and rode 18 hours and seemed to be happy when she arrived. She also had her mate Narys to help protect her from anything that would harm her. I had then talked with Rena's original owners  Ron & Karen Rambo in which then helped explain what she was about. Ron told me that she would bond real strongly with me as she did with him. You know he was 100% correct with what he had said. This is a girl that I just sat and carried on conversations with and you know she seemed to understand my words. She went to work with me on occassions and enjoyed every time we went somewhere, greeted clients as if she knew them forever. Although she was a  Alfa female, she sure looked to Narys for guildance. Rena left us with little warning and passed away in my lap. I will forever remember her and someday will see her again.

I want to give a special thanks to Christian Radford for give us a chance to share our lives with this special girl.

Rena I will forever miss you, so go run free and someday we will be together again